Meet the Trailblazers

From realizing the commercial potentiality of HFC gases and diversifying into Refrigerants tor and Exports, from rechristening the company name as REFEX to venturing into industrial refrigerant gases, the top management team at REFEX has consistently delivered out-of-the-box innovation coupled with positive financial sustainability across the board, at every step of the way.

Anil Jain
Managing Director

As a Chairman of Refex Group, I would like to thank you for your interest in REFEX.

Our Group has successfully navigated for over 17 years in India’s Refrigerant Sector, Solar Power, Investing and Incubating Startups in Technology field and Ash Handling at power plants. Breaking new grounds and paving way for success has been our core business strategy. It all began in the year 2002, when Refex Industries successfully broke the monopoly that existed in the controlled refrigerant gas market. The journey continued with entering into Solar Power Business in 2008 with the first MW Size plant in India for Sun Edison and adding more than a GW today.

Technology Investments and Startup Incubation was added as a vertical in the group in 2014 with an aim to create world class entrepreneurs for the growth of the country. 2017 saw entry into Safe and Environment friendly disposal of Ash for Thermal Power plants.

As a group, our vision has always been into developing new and futuristic businesses and scaling them up to a level which will help the Company and the Country grow.We acquired Sunedison as brand and their Solar Water Pumps and Rural Electrification business in 2017 and are working with various State Governments to convert the free power to farmers for their Water pumps to Solar Powered Water Pumps for irrigation, this will reduce the cost of Power for Discoms across the country and ultimately reducing cost of Industrial and commercial consumers. This will help curb inflation and increase spending power of people. We were the first to implement a Grid Connected Solar Water Pump project in Harabole Village, Kanakpura Dist in Karnataka which helped farmers have a parallel source of income by feeding power to the grid when the pumps are not in use and getting paid by Discom.

At Refex, Growth never stops, The team is always striving to do better and better everyday. I am thankful to my Refex Family to have given their Dedication towards the growth of their organization. We thank all our partners who work with us and have helped us reach newer heights year on year.

We welcome you to our website to understand us more and work with us. We lookforward to your Patronage.


Team Members

Dinesh Kumar Agarwal

Non-Executive Director

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Hem Senthil Raj

Independent Director

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Jamuna Ravikumar

Independent Director

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